Algarkirk is Putting History on the Map

Algarkirk is Putting History on the Map

The project to restore St Peter and St Paul involves plans to establish a local history research centre that will act as an archive of information relating to all periods of history at the church and the village of Algarkirk.

Local residents are being encouraged to participate in the development of the heritage centre through a range of researching and recording opportunities. A small group of residents are already busy cataloguing documents, recording oral histories and mapping the churchyard.

The whole of Algarkirk cum Fosdyke is included in the Acre Books which divide the areas into 32 sections, each section called a Bounder. Volunteers Ashley and Madeleine Fox have begun to map the history of their ‘Bounder’ using the Acre Books of 1734 and 1813. The books, which were primarily used at the time for the collection of rent, reveal a wealth of information including old road names, key places, who lived where, what rent was paid and to whom.

There are opportunities for local residents to each record the history of their own Bounder, with help and advice from the research team.  Training is also available for those who are interested in delivering guided tours of the Grade I medieval church at the centre of this project.  

An online collection of images, videos, sound recordings and text has been set up on the historypin website, view it at If you would like to contribute to the collection you can do so be creating a free account on the historypin website, or by contacting the Algarkirk research team. 

To find out more about how you can get involved with this exciting project please contact or call 01529 461499. Information is also available on the project website: