Rain, Rain, Go Away….!

Rain, Rain, Go Away….!

It hasn’t been much of a summer so far, has it? The mixture of sun rain has played havoc with the churchyard, spurring on the weeds and making the grass grow like crazy. Grass cutting is one of our biggest expenses at the church, and during the summer months we have it cut once every month. Of course, that is not enough to keep it as we would like, but it is all that we can afford. We are still trying to get the money together to replace the lead that was stolen from the roof!

And grass cutting does not take care of the weeds that grow within the graves themselves. In the old days when families remained in the vicinity of the village for all or most of their lives, it was not an issue as there were always willing hands to tend the family graves. But now, with people moving away for work, or family lines dying out, volunteers are needed to help keep the churchyard in order so that it remains a delight and an asset for the whole village. Again, we do what we can, but as everyone who has been battling against weeds in their own garden knows, the weather this summer has not helped! If you can offer some assistance, please let us know either via the church website or by calling one of the churchwardens (Cheryllyn 460142, or Clive 460796).

The excessive rain has also caused problems inside the church with leakages and damp feeding a patch of dry rot, which is now sprouting some huge mushrooms. The problem is being looked at and we hope to have it sorted quite soon, but of course, it is all more expense. We also have scaffolding up in the chancel so that companies who want to tender for the conservation work to the beautiful painted ceiling can get access.

That is why the church has had to be closed in the day time: the scaffolding would be a dangerous temptation for local children, but we are getting all these last quotes in now in preparation for the final submission to the Heritage Lottery fund in November, so the church doors will be open again in time for our Medieval Mirth, Medicine and Magic festival on 11th September.

That should be a great afternoon out for everyone. There will be special attractions and activities for young and older folk alike. You can try your hand at stained glass making, or pick up a traditional charm to bring future prosperity, or just enjoy the music and refreshments. And, best of all, the long-range weather forecast says all of the rain will have gone away!

See you there!